Setting up an Effective Home Recording Studio for Youtubers, Streamers, and Musicians on the Cheap

Musicians, streamers, and YouTuber’s all need a good recording space. Many think this must cost thousands of dollars to be any good. However, there are cost-saving moves that can get anyone into their own effective recording studio.

Whether you’re a musician, a YouTuber, or a Twitch streamer, you need a studio. A recording studio gives you protection from outside noise. It also creates a sound-treated space for good quality recordings and a place for your gear. A good recording space doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. There are money-saving actions you can take to provide quality results.

Pick a Room and Prevent Outside Noise from Getting In

It would be frustrating working for hours to get the perfect take only to have the neighbor’s car horn ruin it. There are inexpensive steps you can take to minimize outside sound. Additional weather stripping around windows and doors. Heavy curtains, moving blankets, and solid core doors can go a long way to reducing noise.

You’ll need to select a spare bedroom or closet and then concentrate on areas vulnerable to sound. Doors and windows will be areas that will let in the most exterior noise. Hang thick drapes or moving blankets to muffle sound from windows. If possible, investigate replacing the standard hollow-core door with a solid-core one. Solid-core doors block sound much better.

Sound Treat the Inside of Your Studio Space

You now have a space for a studio, and you’ve taken action to stop exterior noise from interrupting your recordings. But how does the room sound? An empty room produces echoes as the sound waves bounce wildly against the bare walls. If you have a hardwood floor, this echo will be even worse.

If you were to record at this point, it wouldn’t sound right. You need to reduce the echoes and create a sound deadened environment. There are foam acoustic panels, foam bass traps, diffusing panels, and sound absorption panels. To keep things simple, focus on foam acoustic panels.

Foam acoustic panels come in many shapes and have raised ridges across their surface. You can find panels for sale at many online retailers. Hang the panels on the walls with the ridges in different directions. These panels reduce the sound waves echoing and make for a better recording environment.

Buy a Multimedia Desk with A Large Working Surface

To comfortably record or stream, you’ll need a desk designed for it. For example, can you set up your PC, keyboard, mouse, midi controller, drum machine, and microphone, or do you run out of space? You need to have space to set up your gear in a way that makes sense for you. For musicians, you also need to consider monitor speaker placement. The ideal placement is eye level, turned slightly inward toward your face.

A Home Recording Studio That’s Inexpensive and Functional

For a good home recording studio, you’ll need to insulate a room from outside sounds you don’t want to hear in your recordings. Also, reduce sound waves from bouncing around the room by installing acoustic foam panels. You’ll need a desk or workstation to allow a good microphone and monitor speaker placement.

If you follow these basic guidelines, you’ll have a good place to create and stream. Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive to work well. Your recording goals can become a reality if you follow these tips and transform your space into an effective studio.



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