NerdSeek by NerdSpeak. The Digital Shopping Assistant You’ve Been Waiting For.

Today is the day! After countless hours by our development team, we are finally ready to release NerdSeek! NerdSeek is a bot that will help you purchase those hard to get tech products like the RTX 3080 Founders Edition, or the coveted Playstation 5. This is the next evolution of our NerdSpeak Chrome Extension, wrapped into a full blown desktop application. For now, this will only help you checkout on BestBuy, but we have more stores planned in the future. NerdSeek will automate the queue times and add the item of your choice to cart once a product comes in stock at BestBuy.

The application is a paid product, available to any of our Patreon Supporters paying for the NerdSeek tier or higher. If you want to grab a Founders Edition RTX GPU from BestBuy, or a PS5, this is certainly your best bet.


Here’s a link to our Patreon page, we look forward to seeing your feedback!


We want to thank the following members of our team/community for their contributions:

idmonte – for the time spent digging through the BestBuy JS.

BarryCary – for putting this whole thing together in one cohesive design (and putting up with my constant change requsts).

Schwiing – thanks for the neat name!

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