How to Buy an Nvidia RTX GPU or PS5 at BestBuy

We all know the rumor mill is churnin’ away, it’s been exactly 17 days since the last BestBuy drop and today feels like it might be the day.

IF today is in fact the glorious day where BestBuy rains RTX down from the heavens above, I have a few helpful steps to take to pull off a win today (or whenever BB drops).

1) Create an account at RIGHT NOW if you don’t have one. MAKE SURE you load all your payment details, shipping info, and SETUP A MOBILE PHONE NUMBER ON YOUR ACCOUNT! (MORE ON THIS LATER).

2) Login to BB on MULTIPLE browsers (I use chrome/firefox/edge/mobile app).

3) On each browser, open a tab with the card you want in preparation, or just open the search pages for the cards (see below).

4) Once the cards go live, refresh all of your tabs and hit “Add to cart”. This next part is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, once the button turns from yellow to grey, DO NOT REFRESH THE PAGE!!!!!!!!! IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY GO BACK TO YELLOW WHEN STOCK IS AVAILABLE! Once it turns yellow again, hit add to cart, this will add the item to your cart (if stock is still available), then you can begin the checkout process.

5) When you go to checkout, be FAST. Your item is not secured until AFTER your checkout is completed. Once you get to your cart and hit checkout, you will most likely be prompted to login again, login real quick then it will want to send you a verification code. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU SELECT SMS AS THE VERIFICATION METHOD WHEN PROMPTED AND NOT EMAIL! The email method can take MINUTES for your code to come through, SMS is instant (this is why step 1 is so important!)

6) Finish your checkout as you normally would, get a confirmation email, go pickup your card in a few days from the local BestBuy.

Good luck out there friends!

Buy the RTX 3080 at BestBuy

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